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Panning and sluicing are being allowed off of North Washington Street.  No motorized equipment is allowed in this area, but it is good for an afternoon of fun.  Pan or sluice the black sand bands in the top 12 to 15 inches in the large sand bars for some very fine, yellow gold.  2013 a few someones did not read this page and got their equipment confiscated and a fine for dredging on Clear Creek in Adams County. No, No, No! Do NOT do this!


  Prospecting in Wheatridge continues to be an on/off situation depending on who you talk to, but it looks like no prospecting of any kind is being allowed in Wheatridge in 2013. Earlier in the year the spot between I-70 and the Coors boundary fence was being debated, but I do not know the outcome of that, so maybe you can be in there and maybe not. If there are others there, it is probably OK, but talk to them to see what is going on.

Jefferson County Open Space is allowing panning and motorized equipment on highway 6 from tunnel 1 to the traffic light at highway 119.  Restrictions are to the river BED.  NO HIGHBANKING IN THE BANKS.  There are active claims within the stretch, so be SURE you know where you are.  PAY ATTENTION to the parking signs.  The Police patrol the area constantly and will vigorously ticket you for violations. 


North Clear Creek is an open area in Gilpin County.  Watch for the private property and active or inactive claims.  Obey the signs in the area, and don't go into an area you are unsure of.  


Make sure you STAY OUT of Boulder County unless you are on open public FEDERAL LAND, as even carrying a pan can get your pan confiscated.  Their new ordinance does not allow for any type of prospecting.  ALL PROSPECTING OR MINING OPERATIONS THAT ARE NOT ON FEDERAL LAND ARE FORBIDDEN IN BOULDER COUNTY.  NOT EVEN PANNING IS ALLOWED.  YOU RISK LOSING YOUR EQUIPMENT, ARREST, AND FINES IF YOU TRY IT.  IF YOU PROSPECT IN BOULDER COUNTY MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON FEDERAL LAND THAT IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AND NOT SOMEONE'S ACTIVE CLAIM.  I have not heard if these restrictions pertain to private property or to Patented claims, but if you have a simple mining claim, it could very well apply.  Check with the county if you are in doubt so you are on top of their regulations.


Idaho Springs does still allow panning in the river as long as you are not on private property or areas already claimed.  Motorized equipment may be allowed if you talk to the locals to see what the City and County are doing right now.  Hooked on Gold has not heard what is being allowed in Idaho Springs for this season (2013).  We will post that here when we do.  Visit the Argo Mill and the Phoenix Mine while you are in town for a good look at what mining was like in the Old Days.  The Argo Is a great tour and the Phoenix, just west of town, is what hard rock mining is about, both with panning available.    


Above Idaho Springs the same rules and regulations apply as to private property and active claims.  You begin to get into the claims of the Henderson Mine between Idaho Springs and Georgetown, so do your research if you want to prospect this area.  Up Fall River Road you will find the area under construction with housing.  We have not been up there in the last few years, so we aren't sure how much of that is going on, but we do know people with property in the area.  Creek access is limited.




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